Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Merck India Charitable Trust, Scholarship to support 89 students


*Merck India Charitable Trust*, Scholarship to support *89 students* from underprivileged families in MMR (Mumbai Metropoliton Region).

Merck India has presented 89 talented students from underprivileged families in Mumbai with a study scholarship from the Merck India Charitable Trust (MICT). The scholarship amount of *Rs. 35,000 per student per year* will support the study fees, study material and additional coaching that students would require during their graduation in professional courses like engineering and medicine or arts and science courses.

The scholarship will support them from Std XI until graduation, covering a period of 5-7 years of education.

Merck Limited,
Godrej One, 8th floor, Pirojsha Nagar, Eastern Express Highway, 
VikroliEast,Mumbai - 400 079. India

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