Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Siemens ELECTRICIAN & FITTER LD# 31.3.17

  1. Applications are invited for the Apprenticeship Training at Kalwa Works, Siemens Ltd. under the Apprenticeship Act – 1961 for the "ELECTRICIAN" & "FITTER" trade. Duration: 2 years full time.
    Siemens will be accepting online applications from 15th February 2017 to 31st March 2017. Written exams for the selected students will be on 23rd April 2017, followed by interview and medical test; Training will commence from first week of October 2017.
    To apply kindly visit www.siemens.co.in/dualvet, only those born on / after 1st September 2000 can apply.
  1. First time here? Here's how the online application process works!
  2. 1.
    Please enter your registration information first. Click 'Sign up' for this.
  3. 2.
    You will then receive your personal access code and password. Your access will remain available for two weeks.
  4. 3.
    Sign in with your credentials and complete your information in our online application form.
  5. 4.
    Click 'Send application' at the end of the application form. Important: You cannot change your information after it has been sent.
  6. 5.
    As soon as we receive your application you will get access to our online assessment.

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